Changes and momentum

The panini press does indeed cook steaks nicely and in minutes. Burgers too, so that’s nice. Not too hard to clean either. Genius and Rarity came and took me on a picnic, we took along my new portable propane grill. Easy to use, cooks tasty fancy sausages in a flash. Nice.

The family room is done! The rugs are down, I have put up the art, and am working through all the stuff. I even emptied some drawers. Tossed out our flight papers from Japan in 1995. Got the girls a cute new scratching post, and am sorting through the ceramic miniatures to gift away.

I hired actual landscapers. Meggio, a burner, has started a new business, Om & Garden. They really made a dent in the yard weeds and overgrowth. The back yard looks fantastic, they did a thorough and meticulous job. Matt came and did the mowing, because the yard kid ghosted. I have been doing work myself, although a simple hour of work puts me down for a few hours after. No stamina, but I am chipping away. Got rid of Larry’s recycle station, and the pile of stumps and branches. It’s sad, but practical. I organized a lot of the random wood pieces for projects, and sent a lot of scraps to the dump. Matt will be back to sort the trucker items, and he can sell some of that. The sprinkler guys will be here tomorrow to properly repair my yard systems. Not inexpensive, but something I must do if I want a decent front yard.

Meggio has listened to my plans to put rock in the tiny side yard, and behind the lean too. Why have grass in unused areas, hard to maintain? And I may get a front yard island next year with a tiny tree.

Matt took the Harley. He will pay me, of course. I am just sad we never rode as much as we could have. There’s a lot of baggage in the emotional warehouse with that bike.

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