Oh my.

So, that whole positive post last time? Ha. Hahahahahaahahahahaaahahahaaa.

Monday evening into Tuesday morning, and through Wednesday, the Wasatch Front experiences hurricane force Eastern downslope winds. The damage was considerable up and down the valley, with Ogden being one of the cities hit hard. Power went out about three in the morning. That place where my tree had dropped a branch? The neighbor’s tree came down there, right on top of all the new landscaping. Toppled over from the roots, the whole big tree. Missed my power line, but ripped the Comcast line apart. Smashed the blue bottle tree, and killed the Japanese Maple which MyLarry had planted for me. I still cry over that.

Branches and leaves everywhere. Our street was blocked at both ends by downed trees. Many streets were. I could see six mature trees down just from my front porch. There are still trees down in private yards.

I was without power for five days. I lost all my frozen and chilled food. I have a gas stove I can light, so I was able to make omelets and coffee. Stuff like eggs and cheese can survive less than optimal chilled temperatures. I charged my phone with our Goal Zero power station, but even that started running low. Several of my flashlights had rechargable batteries. Ha. Hahahahaaa.

I don’t know how long this will take to clean up. Quite the set back. I am distressed but just exhausted. So tired. I do not want to deal with this, it sucks. Oh, I’m okay, but not as okay as I was last week.

So much for the sprinkler guys.

As it was, just days before.

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