Once More.

I have been picking at the yard for days now. Every day I do a little something, with emphasis often on the “little”. It is overwhelming with a yard the size of mine. Some days it is sweep the gutter, sometimes it is pluck all the giant mushrooms, but mostly it is pick up sticks. Sticks, twigs, leaves, branches, so much downed debris. I found a bag of small rocks to go near the main yard valve, and a paver. Now to get to work when the dog won’t come menace me.

The sprinkler guy was here this past Wednesday. He replaced four valves, a couple sprinkler heads, and the stand up faucet by the bushes. I dropped a penny in each one of the holes. It’s a thing. Apparently the last guy who screwed up my system installed used parts, and the entirely wrong type of valve. He was using leftovers and big box store stock, instead of proper fittings from a real landscaper supplier. Means I wasted over $500 last year on a crap job. Yardmasters did fine work, very professional. Now if I could only pay them. The worker expected a paper check, which isn’t happening. I haven’t gotten an invoice yet. I have sent an email, saying I very much would like to give them money. People like money.

Almost time to get the autumn silk flowers swapped, and the Halloween decor in place. A chore I don’t mind too much.

Front yard, view of the crappy job.
Main yard valve and the lower yard valve, under the bushes.
South yard and top yard valves, and hose valve.
Before the digging. he got all the stones back in place, although the dirt is too low now.

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