Boring is Good

Nothing exciting going on, and that’s great. I got Yard Masters paid, so yay. My checking account is not so much yay. I spend too much too easily. Adagio teas, expensive Kauai coffee, Mrs. Cavanaugh’s chocolates, Undersong Art prints. A new noren, a Raven Lunatic mug.

I got the spring and summer silk flowers put away, all the way out to the shed put away! The autumn flowers are in place, and the skeletons, and the pretty porcelain vase and bowl from Japan. The concrete pumpkin is out front. The purple pumpkin bin is down out of the loft, and I can get to the big bin to get the windsocks and signs out. So, that’s progress.

My new doorbell is driving me crazy. Seems I have set the motion detector on the front bell. Ooops. In the evenings, the windsocks or car headlights set it off. I have to unplug it or I get a chime version of Memories from Cats as I am dozing off.

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