The Surreal and the Mundane

Daily stuff is just stuff. The sun is red, the air smoky, it’s hot and the stinging bugs have chased the hummingbirds away from the sugar feeder. I brought it in and have hung a trap instead. I was going to order more traps, but everything on Amazon is backordered or tripled in price. Homemade traps it is.

Had to take the small cacti outside, the cats were playing in the dirt. Ended up cleaning the entire kitchen table, arranged all my art stuff. Actually was able to work on the leaf stencil stuff, the bird painting, and the Kochina doll. Made a horned helmet for my house hippo. Painted the globe bottle with chalkboard paint.

Had my monthly massage. This therapist is better than the rough one, and works pressure points beautifully. Apparently I can release tension well, so that’s fortunate. I use visualization, seeing my muscles untie like wide pink silk ribbons.

Noelle came and cleaned my gutters, got all the dirt and maple seeds before the autumn leaf drop. She found my little cotton koi fish string in the gutter. I thought I had brought them in.

Finally went to get my hair cut. Desi’s stylist cuts it while waiting for Desi’s color to set. As usual, once my hair dries after a wet cut, it looks a lot shorter than anticipated. I can still get it up, so it is alright. Growing it out is not a problem. It’s cute.

Waiting for my glasses, waiting for my rings. I should order groceries as a commissary run isn’t feasible just now. Waiting for the sprinkler guy.

Had yet another vivid dream about MyLarry. The last one involved looking at a vehicle with him. This one had a long preamble about living in a new house with a lavender living room, a bar with a digital jukebox, and a nice kitchen where people were cooking pasta. A noise made me go outside to check around, same yellow brick exterior, but graffitied in mud… huge Capricorns, some type of threat? Larry came up the sidewalk, and told me I was in danger and had to come with him. He had a green rental car, cute little thing, parked a couple houses away. We got in, and soon were being chased by the jerks from Tooele in their pickup. I could see their faces… and then the cops got involved, and a train or red light let us escape the pursuit. I was going to ask him why he was back, but I woke up. So strange. No sleep after that, so coffee at three AM it is.

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