Mabon Greetings.

First day of Autumn arrives, the wheel turns as it ever does. Warm outside, but noticeably cooler. I’m seeing down leaves already. Noelle didn’t garden this week, but I have does a few dribs and drabs. Move the cute little hanging pots, put the swirly balloon spinners in the back. Clear off the black table, put away some of the summer silk flowers, swap out the garden flag out front to the Pumpkin Cat. Use rainbarrel water for the container plants, scoop the raccoon poop. The squirrel came and yelled at me, so I put out some nuts. Found a wasp nest, but it is empty. Still, yikes. The birdfeeders need filling.

The house and kitchen look okay to me, although I know I always need to dust and vacuum. Laundry is in mid-cycle of sheets are done and put away, the towels are washed but need to come up and be folded, and are there enough clothes for a load? Trash and kitty litter boxes are right where they should be in the cleaning schedule. The tub nags me, as usual. I hate scrubbing the tub, that’s a physically painful chore.

Over the last few days I have done a bit of tossing out. I was putting stuff away in the pantry under the stairs, and I finally checked the dates on the canned fruit. 2017? GONE. The old bar chocolate Larry got to make cereal bars? Gone. The beans in the rack probably should go too. In the bathroom, I was putting away my canisters of fiber powder and decided to toss all the sunscreen and sunblock. Some of it was from 2017, others, I was not sure. All gone.

In a similar vein, I have been eating up the frozen stew and slowcooker leftovers. Even moving to the smaller crockpot and giving away the big one, any time I cook a pork loin or chicken thighs, there are tons of leftovers. Enough so it is not safe to just leave them in the fridge, so I put them in the little Pyrex containers and freeze them. Over the past year I was up to seven or eight of them! One holds two cups, which is two meals for me. The rice I have been using is in shelf stable pouches which need to be used up. I don’t think I have any “real” rice right now. I just bought fresh flour, all purpose and wheat. Sugar too, but that doesn’t truly go bad. Yeast is next, and stick butter. I plan on some baking when the weather gets even cooler. Use up all those chips in the freezer. There’s a lot. I am sure I will cry; baking was something I did for Larry, truck cookies, or treats for him to share.

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