Using the new laptop now. I was right to mistrust the old one, it crapped out as I was trying to transfer my data files. I now have the pleasure of allowing PC Laptops to do a data recovery for me to my external hard drive.

Trying to get the truck registered. Turns out if you turn off the battery, the truck loses its mind and will not pass emissions. So it has to be driven around. We went up the the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. Desi had never been there. Larry and I used to drop in now and then. Dad used to take me fishing out there when I was a teenager. Summer is not the best time, but the usual suspects were there. Lots of swallows, pelicans, loons, grebes, ibis, and the majestic Blue Herons. And wasps, angry aggressive summer wasps.

Still waiting for the family room to be finished. All I need is the furniture to be moved, get the rug down. I cannot do that alone.

Picking away at the yard. Slow going, but it goes.

I used the new panini press today. It is a little large for my counter, but a cutting board helps. My learning curve commences; my grilled cheese was a bit soggy. I have tiny thawed steaks, perhaps they will be dinner.

No pictures, sorry. I have not put on the phone sync app yet.

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