Bleeding Hearts, the flower and the feeling.

What I love about my bleeding hearts is they are reliable, prolific, and long lasting. These have been in bloom for at least two weeks. Pictured is Baby, the big offspring of the mother plant. She was placed in a trashy corner of the yard and has begun to thrive. So, my personal bleeding heart.Continue reading “Bleeding Hearts, the flower and the feeling.”

And now for something different

I have not worn make up for years. An ad on FB piqued my interest, Lady Gaga’s cosmetics line, Haus Laboratories. I splurged and got a matte lip crayon, and a small “collection” of Goddess hues in eye sparkle, lip gloss and lip liner. This spurred me to get blonde/brown brow pencil, eyeliner, mascara, andContinue reading “And now for something different”

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