Lost Week

I was trying to sum up last week, and came up with a lot of nothing. I did the usual stuff, the choredoms, but not much else. Noelle came on Tuesday to do the gardening, and that was awesome as usual. Julio did not mow the yard, and the front lawn began looking rather meadow-y. Looks like someone mowed out front, but the money envelope has not been touched. Huh. Made egg salad sandwiches and limeade, so that was nice. Folded some laundry, but which day, I can’t say. I got some cute windspinners shaped like hot air balloons, and glued them together. Maybe they’ll hold up for more than a year, maybe not.

Ginger, the neighbor dog, has been out without her collar. She was in the back and went to her own yard when I walked her over, she’s a good girl who obeys me, and I latched the gate better. She is a hazard though, she attacks other dogs and mail carriers. One of the adult sons lets her out but then goes back inside. Poor old girl is coughing, like she is ill or has heart trouble. Just more sadness in the mess next door.

I have painted a bit, working with my new firefly glazes. So much sparkle. I did finish a jawbone (resin) in purple with a blue violet overglaze. Got a burner painting done, and paint down on several projects. Just too warm in the kitchen if I don’t catch a few hours in the morning.

Desi and I went for our massages on Friday. My favorite therapist has moved on to other things, and I do not care for the new lady. She digs too hard and hurts me, even though I explain what not to do, and then during the treatment I keep asking her to ease up. Her hands are rough, like she has hangnails or ragged fingernails. When we booked for October, I got someone else. Desi and I were doing couples room, so she heard me and is concerned that I am getting a bad experience. She is going to play the heavy for me and call and get someone else for the next two months.

Oh, there is a good thing… Alligator Loki arrived. The paint job is acceptable, the eyes are good, but you know I will be upgrading his colors soon. He’s just a bit too dark, need lowlights and highlights, and a creamy dreamy belly.

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