Pride and PoleDancing

My friends from Salt Lake came to Ogden for our little local pride celebration. They brought along the adorable dog in a rainbow tutu, and their remarkably calm bunny. We looked at all the booths, checked out the art, saw old friends, and posed a lot with the dog. I used my wheelchair just in case, which meant I had to take off my nice rings and put them in my purse so I could wear my green crocheted wheelchair gloves. I looked at art, and really wanted a painting with robots and coffee cups, but didn’t have a clue where I could fit it in on the walls.

We had a nice brunch with mimosas at Warren’s Craftburger. They have a nice patio out back. I was boring and had the regular burger, but it’s still quite nice. I was naughty and ate fries. Loki did a tabletop pole dance.

Everyone says try CBD oil for my arthritis and depression. Beehive Buds had a booth, and they sell a local product of good quality. I got a bottle unflavored oil, as the mint wasn’t to my taste. It’s labeled pet, but that’s the same as for humans. A mild formulation. A little heart shaped tin of CBD balm was included. This stuff is not inexpensive. I have been using a dropperful in the morning, sublingual, swallowing the last bit. The hempy aftertaste is unpleasant. Washes down with coffee. I skipped yesterday because I had a dentist appointment. So. It might help the arthritis, maybe. Perhaps. However, I get a horrible headache which persists through the morning not long after it settles into my system. My tummy is undecided whether it is queasy or burny. Thus far I am underwhelmed, inclined to say this is not working. I will give it a try through the week, but yeah, nope. Figures.

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