Seattle Success

Home again, home again. Seattle was wonderful, even with my lowkey visit. My friend Holly picked me up from the airport, very wonderful of her to do that.

I had the very same room in The Camlin as the time before, the studio in the back on the tenth floor. I call it The Fishbowl because it has seven windows in three walls. I love it. Played spot the kitties in the apartments across the way.

My activities were few and low key, I had some great meals, and got in the hot tub and pool at least once a day. I love being in the water, and the jets in the hot tub did good things for my back.

Holly went with me to the Chihuly Glass Museum. Amazing. There are eight rooms, each with a different theme and style of his works. There’s the icicles, the Navajo inspired pieces, the sea creatures, the Persian ceiling, the Mille Flori, the Floats, the Venetian chandeliers, the flower-bowl things. Then there was the little cafe, closed for food service, but open to show all his collections. Accordions hanging from the ceiling, a wall of radios, glass topped tables, each one with a collections… glass flasks, fishing lures, tin toys, pocket knives … just everything. The big glass house with the 100 foot long floral garden. The the gardens, with glass seemingly growing alongside the plants.

The other museum I went to was the Seattle Arts Museum to see the Monet exhibit. Interesting and informative, but the Northwest Native arts were far more spectacular. Also, I should not be left unattended in museum gift shops. I got a wonderful Raven carving from a First Nation artist in Canada.

Meals… Dough Zone, of course. Mango curry and samosas at Dawaat. Brunch at the Cheesecake Factory. A meat pie at the Armory next to Chihuly. I ate a lot of leftovers.

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