The Usual, Please

I am prepping for a trip, a real do nothing vacation. I have done my laundry, been eating up the perishable food, packing. Today is tidy up day. I need to pick up a prescription, get new tires on the truck even though I am not driving, and get some cash. Cat boxes, mail hold, water the plants, put away things on the kitchen counter and the art table. Stuff stuff stuff.

I tried on one of my nice summer dresses, and it still fits perfectly. It is a bit flowy, so no surprises. I tried on my swimsuits. Oh my. One fits, and the three one pieces are too tight, which pulls the shoulder straps down. The swim skirts are okay, and I have one top which is fine. Another top is just an ill fitting mess, and the two piece suits are just sad. So, two things to swim in, because I know things do not dry fast in humidity. I have a couple cotton shifts to lounge in, a pair of hobbit pants and nice tops, and a bunch of t-shirts, as well as flip flops, underthings, and a wrap/throw. I need to decide on jeans. Nice, or patched and comfy. Snacks and coffee too. Aunty Aloha is so much better than Folgers!

I need to lose weight or my clothes will not fit at all. Not having that!

A trip to the theater was in order because I wanted to see Suicide Squad II. Luxury loungers, masks, and social distancing meant I felt okay about the experience. A stupidly fun film, over the top characters, so much action, and people getting ripped in half. Wild ride, turn off your brain and hang on. Loki came with me, we had lunch. The fortune cookie was wildly inaccurate. Lyft was okay getting there, but going home, it cost half again as much, and was a thirty minute wait. Not reliable or affordable if this keeps up, and I think it will. Darn.

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