Well, the sprinklers are fixed. I should have checked the front sprinklers along the street, of course one is smushed from being driven over. Sheesh. The ones out back are great though, and the main valve will be fixed once the irrigation water is off. The front can be fixed up in the spring. I watered, which I have not done for ages, I hope it carries the lawn through. There are so many mushrooms, crazy. They look yummy and edible but I am not going to try. Had a family of magpies fussing for snacks in the maple. Hung a wasp trap, but they have all fucked off.

Fussing in the bedroom like the magpies in the tree, I noticed the rune stones weren’t on the side table. Hidden, of course. I did what I do best, ramble around online, then order stuff from Amazon. I chose red jasper for Loki, and ordered a nice bag on Etsy. Ordered a few touch stones too, peach moonstone, black tourmaline, and bloodstone. Also a few leaf and autumn toned beads to make Desi’s charm and crystal hanger. I promptly found the bloodstone runes in a drawer under some panties. The bag they are in looks dusty or mildewed, so I will wash it. I hope the gold foil Slepnir holds up.

Looking for the runes, I came across my tarot deck. I have not touched them in ages. It’s an older Waite deck in the original cardboard box, kept in mom’s pink nylon stocking pouch. A gift, but I can’t recall who or when. I fiddled with the cards, did a spread. First card was Death, some of the others were the nine of swords, the Hermit, the three of cups… and the final card was an inverse two of pentacles. Ah, false happiness. A need to find myself. Nothing I didn’t know. I can rarely read, so maybe I should practice. Had the pendulum out, it’s bloodstone too, and is now on Loki’s altar. I gave him a new candle. The unsettled feeling is hanging around, the sense that I am living some sort of incomplete life. Am I filling in the gaps, or am I moved to exploration? Does it matter which? The cards would say the second, I think.

Dreams with Larry in them have been around nightly. He wants to get me to go somewhere with him, or wants to fix things in the house, or has people to see. Disconcerting, but pleasant, and welcome. On the news tonight they talked about Hurricane Larry, how it was going to be nice to us. The weather guy said every Larry he’d met was nice. Made me smile.

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