Stupid Nerves

Argh. So, I have a tooth implant, just the screw part, not the toothy part. Upper left, in the middle. It hurts, but not so much on the inside. My face hurts, on the outside, with pressure. It could be a sinus infection, but I doubt it. Just saw Dr. Jones because a tooth cracked in half on the other side. He put in a temporary, it’s blue. Bluetooth. Huh. Anyway, I will call on Monday and have him order antibiotics in case it is an infection, but I am not happy.

I guess soft foods are on the menu. Michelina’s mac n cheese, or eggs and toast, or even little chicken nuggets. I guess I could eat dal and rice, I have plenty of shelf stable packets. And soup, I have soup. I’m simply annoyed.

I misread my concert ticket. 2022, not 2021. Ah well. I had a nice night in a hotel downtown. Learned that Lyft is a LOT cheaper when you can pre-schedule the ride. Ate at a place I had not been to in decades. Yummy in that overly greasy fast food way. Upset my plumbing to no end, which was unfortunate. I can close the door on that part of my past and not look back.

The weather is turning, although still setting record highs for September. Fewer wasps and hornets, some rain, and the yard water will be off soon. I suppose I can swap the face of the house decor now. I want to get the patio clear and be able to enjoy it, but I need help with that.

I guess life just goes on and on. The wheel turns, hang on for the ride.

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